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Prompt, Quality Real Estate Valuation since 1993... 

For over 30 years, we have been providing prompt and quality real estate appraisals throughout the SF Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and beyond. We specialize in generating dependable property value opinions for banks, national lending institutions, private parties, estates, trust administration, and litigation services.   

Backdated (Retrospective or Forensic Appraisals)  Among the many purposes for a retrospective or 'step-up in basis' valuation, by which you can limit or eliminate taxable exposure. The appraisal 'effective date' can be a date in the past, or today's date (or both).  We are here to make this part of your process easy for you.   Click here to see a detailed explanation of what a stepped-up basis is...

Prospective Appraisals.  Back to the future?!,  Planning a construction project and want to know what your property's value will be once it's completed, we can help.  A prospective appraisal valuation will estimate the future value of your property and provide a likely timeline for your construction project.  In addition, a prospective appraisal can also help you estimate the market exposure time, giving you reliable information about the length of the project including the estimated marketing period.