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Prompt, Quality Real Estate Appraisals... 

Since 1993 we have been delivering prompt, quality Real Estate Appraisals, throughout the SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley and beyond.  As California Licensed & Certified appraisers, we possess the extensive know-how and qualifications to generate the level of dependable property value opinions that banks and national lending institutions require for home loans and purchases. No problem if you are not a bank, we accept assignments pertaining to a variety of property types for private parties or estates, trust administration, and litigation services.   

Backdated (Retrospective or Forensic Appraisals) in need of a historic appraisal 2, 10, 20, 30 years or more in the past? (can also be known as a 'date of death' appraisal').  A historic or back-dated appraisal can be required for many reasons; divorce, business dissolution, estate, or trust-related concerns. No matter how far back in time, we can easily facilitate your appraisal valuation.  

Prospective Appraisals.  Back to the future?!, need a future estimate of value for when your construction project is complete?  We will help establish a likely 'timeline' on construction projects.  In addition to establishing your 'future value', the prospective appraisal will also help in estimating market exposure time.